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Back in 2002, Bruce and Bronwyn decided to start a home based business, and Bruce thought of combining his love of sport and photography. As sports memorabilia had become very popular in Australia, Bruce brought some “hobby” quality picture framing equipment and started to tinker. His philosophy was that every parent saw their children as champions, and therefore they should be able to have a piece of memorabilia of the same quality as the “Limited Edition Steve Waugh” picture, hanging in the games room.

So the idea was born, to invest in his first digital camera, to take action shots at the kids sporting events and frame them as your very own “Limited Edition” piece of memorabilia of your children.

From there Bruce and Bronwyn were asked to do team photography for their local cricket club, so Bronwyn became involved by organising the schedules and creating the finished product.

As theyboth have been involved in various committees, and seeing the level of work required by some volunteers, they recognised an opportunity to assist these volunteers with a one stop shop. After upgrading to commercial framing equipment and purchasing a Laser Engraver, it wasn’t long before theystarted providing trophies, fundraising opportunities, coach/manager gifts, as well as doing the team photos.

Framin’ Good Photography & Trophies are also very excited to introduce a Promotional Product and a Sports Clothing range.

Framin’ Good Photography & Trophies has continued to supply to the following business/sporting associations for many years.

SCG Trust


St Marys Band Club Rangers Football Club

Penrith Junior Cricket Association

Penrith Cricket Club

Colyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club

Sydney Cricket Club

Framin’ Good Photography & Trophies want to help you to see your treasured memories beautifully framed, whether it be family/wedding photos, your favourite signed poster/jersey, cricket ball/bat, or something as unique as a signed boxing glove. They get various requests, and it is their job to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Call Framin’ Good Photography & Trophies NOW – it’s their job to create, and/or preserve your memories, you and your family can keep for a life time.

Framin’ Good Photography & Trophies would value the opportunity to assist your Sporting Club, School Committee or your Business.